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I Ate

Today I ate:

Breakfast: coffee with half and half, a hard boiled egg

Snack: Chobani Flip coconut almond yogurt

Lunch: some salted beet chips, a piece of bread with smoked cheddar melted on it, an extra slice of cheese, and iced coffee with sugar free syrup and half and half

Dinner plan is Indian take out. I usually have some vegetable korma and some butter chicken. I bought some bags of frozen "riced cauliflower" at the grocery store awhile back, and will cook that up for myself to eat instead of rice. I am guessing I’ll have a cup of the riced cauli and maybe a cup total of the korma and chicken.

My daughter has taken up baking and is going to make a cake today, and I will have a small slice of that.

Tell me: do you think this is moderate eating? Interested in your thoughts.

I also biked 2 miles and hope to do a little more later today.

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