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Best of Our Blogs: July 11, 2017

Silence is a powerful tool. But many use it indirectly as a way to avoid pain, conflict and confrontation. When we don’t speak up out of fear, we opt out of the things that matter most to us. Things like honesty, intimacy and meaningful relationships.

It’s not easy. It can be scary. But taking small steps to sharing how you feel can go a long way in building self-confidence and authenticity.

As you’ll read this week, maybe your fear of letting your guard down has to do with being neglected as a child. Maybe it’s a practical way to protect yourself against a narcissist. Whenever you choose to stay silent, make sure you’re doing it consciously and for good reason.

11 Ways Narcissists and Alcoholics are Similar
(Narcissism Decoded) – Struggle with understanding the narcissist in your life? Here’s how to see him or her in a new light.

Best Quotes For The Emotionally Neglected
(Childhood Emotional Neglect) – Words play a powerful role in feeling supported, understood and validated. See which famous ones inspire your own inner healing.

How a Child Becomes a Narcissist
(The Exhausted Woman) – People aren’t born narcissists or are they? If you fear your child growing up to be a narcissist, this article is for you.

5 Signs You’re Dealing with a Dangerous Narcissistic “Healer” or Guru
(Recovering from a Narcissist) – Make sure the person you’re seeking help from isn’t a harmful narcissist in disguise.

15 Ways Fathers Can Raise Boy-Crazy Daughters
(Narcissism Meets Normalcy) – Don’t want to raise a boy-crazy daughter? Make sure you don’t do this.

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