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Applying to MIT Solve? Here are 4 Ways, and 20 Resources, to Upgrade Brain Health in the Digital Age

Insufficient brain healthcare is one of the most pervasive and multi-faceted problems our world faces today. From the young to the old, the rich to the poor, those living in dense cities to isolated farmlands, anyone can be affected by brain health problems. Yet, current solutions to this problem are limited. While some innovations have made significant strides towards improved brain health, there is a pressing need for stronger prioritization of cognitive healthcare and more proactive innovation towards preventative treatments.

Here’s what the new MIT Solve 2017 Global Challenge says about brain health:

“Brain and mental well-being are critical to the health and happiness of the 7.5 billion people who inhabit our planet…shifting the conversation from treating brain diseases to improving well-being may begin to dissolve the cultural stigma that makes it difficult for many to seek help.”

Continue reading the article Four Ways to Upgrade Brain Health in the Digital Age, by SharpBrains’ Alvaro Fernandez, with guidelines and resources to:

  1. Prioritize scalable solutions for all
  2. Harness lifelong neuroplasticity
  3. Harness pervasive technologies and artificial intelligence (AI)
  4. Educate users and encourage human-centered innovation

via SharpBrains


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