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CLINICAL hypnotherapist Samantha Davey first moved to Devon when she was 10, and attended Colyton Grammar School. She moved away from the area when she left home and became an occupational therapist for the NHS, but returned to East Devon a few years ago and now lives in Axminster.

HOW did you first become interested in hypnotherapy?

I first started using a self-hypnosis CD in my late 20s to help me sleep better and found it really helpful – that was my first introduction to hypnosis and over the following years I became more and more interested in the power of the mind to both help and heal ourselves.

I was previously employed as an occupational therapist for the NHS and I often worked with clients teaching relaxation and anxiety management skills.

I’ve also meditated as a daily practice for over 20 years, so I eventually decided to pull together all my skills, interests and life experience to re-train as a hypnotherapist.

WHERE did you train?

I trained with Adam Eason at the Anglo-European College of Hypnosis in Bournemouth. I chose Adam because he was highly recommended and also because he has a very strong evidence-based approach to hypnotherapy.

The course was very in-depth and I qualified with the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma, which is the most rigorous hypnotherapy qualification in the UK.

WHAT conditions/issues can hypnotherapy help with?

Hypnotherapy can help with a very wide range of conditions and issues, which can be roughly divided into four areas, which also tend to overlap considerably: emotional difficulties such as anxiety, phobias, stress, depression, grief, self-esteem and confidence building; habitual problems and behavioural issues including nervous habits, like hair pulling or nail biting, and overeating; physical conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, persistent pain, headaches and high blood pressure; and performance enhancement – whether it’s for sports, business, public speaking, your driving test, exams or anything else where you need to give your best.

I am very experienced in working in all four of these areas with clients. I specialise in working with anxiety and related problems as so many problems, both psychological and physical, have stress or anxiety at their root.

Clients often find that when anxiety is addressed the benefits of this healing ripple out helping every area of life.

Hypnotherapy can help with so many issues – I’m very happy for people to call me if they’re not sure whether hypnotherapy can help.

HOW does it work?

We all experience light states of hypnosis every day, for example driving a familiar route on autopilot, reading a good book, playing an instrument or even just daydreaming.

We use a deeper version of this naturally occurring state to help step over the conscious, analytical, thinking mind.

When you’re experiencing hypnosis you’re very open to letting go of old ways of negative thinking, old behaviour patterns and beliefs.

Once you’ve let go of the old stuff you’re very receptive to taking on new ideas, new positive ways of thinking and responding.

Hypnotherapy is a participative and collaborative therapy – just like any other form of psychotherapy or counselling – it’s not something ‘done to’ you. I’ll guide you to use your imagination in a variety of different ways to achieve the goals you’re aiming for. I usually tell people to forget about hypnosis and just think of it as a guided imaginary journey.

YOU also practise BWRT – can you tell us what this is?

BWRT stands for Brain Working Recursive Therapy and works very quickly compared to traditional therapy. Unlike many therapies there’s no need for in-depth exploration of your childhood, past relationships or any trauma you’ve experienced in order to overcome your problems. As long as you know how you’d like to be, BWRT can help you.

WHAT do you enjoy about your job?

I never get tired of seeing and hearing about the amazing changes hypnotherapy and BWRT can create.

I love helping and empowering people to overcome their problems, especially when that affects every aspect of their lives.

When a client tells me that they no longer have a phobia that has affected their entire life, or depression or anxiety they’ve had for years is just not there any more, it’s a truly wonderful thing.

If I can play a part in making someone’s life happier and more fulfilling then I’m happy too.

WHAT do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I enjoy walking, especially the coastline here in East Devon – in the spring and summer I’ll tie that in with picnics and afternoons on the beach too. I love singing and belong to a local choir. I read a lot – both novels and therapy books.

WHAT do you like about living in the local area?

I enjoy the pace of life here and of course the people – we are lucky to still have a great sense of community. I love living near the sea and this stretch of coastline is amazing. It’s fantastic having so many great walks to choose from. I love the landscape too, the gentle rolling hills and the vibrancy of colours – I’ve moved around a lot and it feels like home more than anywhere else. My roots are definitely here in East Devon.

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