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Milestone Counseling – We Can Help – The Clermont News Leader

Milestone Counseling is a full service community behavioral health resource in our seventh year of operation in the Clermont area. Milestone offers services to clients from birth up. While we specialize in services to children and families, we can help clients of any age work through the challenges they are facing.
We can help with a wide range of presenting issues including ADHD, Autism, anxiety, depression, behaviors, couples, parenting, and are especially prepared to treat trauma. We have ten therapists with training, certification, and experience in trauma therapy, play therapy, group therapy, hypnotherapy, Christian counseling, couples therapy, family therapy and many other disciplines.
Milestone offers a wide range of formal assessments to help identify issues that need to be addressed. We also offer mental health evaluations and academic related evaluations that can help families face the task of gaining additional services at school and offer assistance in IEP processes.
In our new offices, at 205 Hatteras Avenue, Clermont, we offer the finest play therapy facilities in the area. Children often do not have the ability to translate strong emotional experiences into words. At Milestone we are prepared to help them process those feelings in a healthy way.
There are no three to four month waits for appointments at Milestone. Generally, it only takes two to three days and crisis appointments can often occur within 24 hours. Call us today at 352-348-8858 to schedule an appointment or a free 15 minute phone consultation with a therapist.


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