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Hypnosis Training Video #504: Erika Reveals Her Journey from Classroom to Seeing Clients Full Time & More

Cal in Erika Reveals Her Journey from Classroom to Seeing Clients Full Time Erika Reveals Her Journey from Classroom to Seeing Clients Full Time

Erika Reveals How She Went Full Time as A Hypnosis Professional

How and Why She Became a Certified Professional Hypnosis Instructor

Erika Surprises Everyone, “You Don’t Have to Be Ready to Take That Next Step!”

Hello Hypnotists!

Finally – Erika shares her success story! Discover how Erika went from classroom to full time seeing hypnosis clients in just one year! Then went on to be a professional presenter and author!

Hypnotherapist Erika Flint Erika went from being a software engineer in Silicone Valley, California to becoming a successful hypnotist in Bellingham, Washington. Though her software career was very successful, she felt that it was not fulfilling. With some research, she found hypnosis and she immediately recognized that hypnosis lets us know what is really going on inside of us and then enables us to do something about it.

Her first training that she had, stoked her interest but was not sufficient to get her started in the profession. She did some research, talked to hypnotists in her area and got the recommendation that if she wanted to be successful in the profession “you must learn 5-PATH®”. So, she got online and got the 5-PATH® 2.0 DVD set. She studied it and it gave her what she needed to get started.


After just two days studying the 5-PATH® 2.0 DVD set she knew that she had enough to get started! She put an ad in Google Adwords and had a client the very next day!

She realized that she did not need to master all of 5-PATH® to get started. 5-PATH® is made up of 5 phases, so as soon as she understood the first phase, she was ready to do the work. She realized that after that first session with her client, she had a week or so (until next session) to get into the video program and learn the second phase. This concept gave her both the immediate confidence and competence she needed.

Reprogram Your Weight Book by Hypnotherapist Erika Flint She continued through the course and consistently began seeing clients. And, now she has gone on to receive awards in the profession, became a speaker at the NGH convention and Solid Gold Weekend, and recently became a writer for that NGH Journal of Hypnotism!

The next milestone for her was going to her first National Guild of Hypnotists convention where she “found her people”. She met me, and did her first interview on the Hypnosis, Etc. podcast program. Shortly after that, she was one of my regular co-hosts.

Watch this new hypnosis training video now and learn how Erika went full time in the profession:

  1. How Erika established her first office.
  2. How Erika replaced her software engineer income in 12 months.
  3. How and why Erika became a professional hypnosis instructor.
  4. How she decided to write a book, Reprogram Your Weight.
  5. Why Erika says, “you don’t have to be ready to take that next step!”
  6. How Erika has used multiple mentors to get to success fast!

Hypnotherapist Erika Flint on Stage

Look what Erika is doing now! Now Erika is doing live events to promote her book, has written another book, is speaking at the National Guild of Hypnotists convention this year! Come to the convention and meet with Erika and me this year.

Erika wants you to know that the world needs you! Get the best training you can get and get excited about hypnosis or hypnotherapy and step into your new role as a hypnosis professional!

To learn more about Erika, her services, book or courses go to


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